5 Eat Typical Sidoarjo City

For culinary travel addicts, who have never set foot in the town of Sidoarjo ?. Yups Sidoarjo is a famous city with characteristic cultivation of shrimp all over Indonesia, then no doubt this city dubbed as the city of shrimp. But besides famous for shrimp cultivation, the city also gave birth to diverse culinary tastes very pamper you. In fact, you can become addicted to the characteristics of typical food Sidoarjo which may be rare to find in other places. So, the city could become a new reference you for surfing fun to feel the taste of culinary. You can also invite friends, colleagues, or even other business colleagues to accompany you to explore the city. Among the city’s culinary characteristics Sidoarjo is worth for us taste:

KUPANG rice cake

Kupang rice cake is one of the most widely culinary hunted by non Sidoarjo. Unique texture and flavor of the mussels farmed animals Sidoarjo society is always offered misses on everyone’s tongue. but we must be careful before consuming rice cake mussel. Animals kupang this could be a little sensitive to our stomachs, because for some people who just feel mussel rice cake will feel the effects of pain or abdominal pain. Therefore, to ensure and maintain the condition of your stomach to stay healthy, try to fill your stomach with other foods before eating mussels.


Smoked milkfish could also be a second alternative for you to taste. Quality smoked milkfish from Sidoarjo is no need to doubt. Processed ingredients are formulated has become a heritage recipe passed down through generations, and therefore characteristic taste of smoked milkfish Sidoarjo city will not fade.



Other milk preparations that we can feel is milkfish presto. Plural we find the fact that the menu milkfish Presto has always been the gift of choice or a souvenir for the people who have visited the city of Sidoarjo. Alloy banding delicacy meat with sauces always made an impression on the tongue of everyone. Therefore, for those of you who want to find the menu milkfish presto, you can get them easily in the heart of Sidoarjo


Hmmm … the creativity of the people of Sidoarjo is no need to doubt in terms of processing milk. You have not considered visiting the city of Sidoarjo if you have not tasted the brains of milkfish. You are required to try a blend of strong aroma spices and meat wrapped in leather banding. To try out the enjoyment of this menu, you can eat it with or without rice warm.


Who does not know the characteristic flavor prawn crackers Sidoarjo ?. Although only food crackers, but the distinctive flavor prawn crackers Sidoarjo can not be underestimated. The majority of Sidoarjo and surrounding communities often present these chips in some of their celebration events. Both weddings, circumcisions, and so forth. Thus, this prawn crackers prestige certainly not inferior to more modern menus.

Comrades, that is between 5 unique culinary Sidoarjo that we must try. Unfortunately it if we visit this city but yet feel the taste of culinary worth two thumbs up. Good luck!

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