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Hello, how are you today? I hope you will be a better today and happiness of course. Nice to meet you. Probably an awful lot of activity you do these days, but don’t forget to break in order to keep your health up. This time I will discuss about the advantages of studying animation. Animation is the process of adding the movement from a static image come alive. Ancient inventors find animation while in the cave of Lascaux located in Northern Spain. There are eight steps scene animations with soles of the feet of the animals. It proves that arts has been developing since long ago.

A great many benefits and advantages that you get when you are able to make the animation. Arts world is indeed always gives the effect of a happy and profitable for you that can make use of them. Various professions can take advantage of the animation. In addition to channeling the hobby, you also can earn a profit from your hobby. Curious? Let’s discuss below.

1. Beautify the appearance of the presentation

For you are a good student, the student at university, studying animation is helpful to you when carrying out a presentation. Currently, the lecturer asked the duty in the form of powerpoint, where much-needed creativity from the animators. When working on tasks, then you are serving it as interesting as possible with animation-animation moving.

2. Career opportunities

You would already know about it, right? Become an animator can produce coffers wealth for you. In today’s modern era, only being a complementary diploma in looking for a job, whichever comes first today is the ability of the applicants. One of the capabilities that you can exercise is to study animation. Is the opportunity big enough when you were able to exploit this situation. Career opportunities is wide open for you and is required by many large companies who have a base in the media or creative arts. When you learn the animation, does not mean you have to work as an animator. Various professions are currently starting to explore this field. In addition to the great benefits as a major career, can also serve as a side job. You can also utilize the capabilities of your animation to open the service of making animation. So, you can do this job at any time. When you either become a Manager in a company, you will need this skill for making powerpoint presentations so that you look the more riveting and compelling interest your clients. If you are a teacher, you can also use media as creative as this animation for the interests of your students. Wouldn’t it be nice if you are quite informative and interesting in the presence of the students?

3. Enhancing the capacity of self

You will continue to learn and improve the capacity of yourself if you are increasingly continue to study the field of animation. The more you get to know the experts, then you will be getting smaller and feel less competent. This encourages you to continue to develop yourself and increase the capacity of self. Learning knows no age limit, time and place. You can study anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

4. Look cool

Are you a blogger? Your blog visitors getting down from day to day? You must start paying attention to the appeal of your blog. Add an animation in your blog that visitors feel comfortable and interested in seeing your blog look cool with a dazzling arts insert.

Yes, that’s roughly the profits that you can acquire when studying animation. Any arts you can learn if it meant it. In the study never were satisfied, you should continue to study and learn with the result hard to satisfy.

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Seeing from the fact of history, the art of music is one of the schools of art that has existed since BC. Even though at that time, the music instrument used was still very simple and not as varied as it is today. Music is one of the arts that has a positive impact on all humans, both for adults and children. The positive impact of music is very influential on the atmosphere of the soul and body. Good music can be like food for body and soul. The soul and body that are tired or saturated can be refreshed and bounce back after listening to the flow of music that suits our conditions. But on several occasions, music can also be a negative opium for us, if we cannot be wise in choosing and sorting quality music.

In the current era of globalization, acculturation of music genres and songs is getting faster. Music and songs from any part of the world quickly reach our ears. To be able to enjoy the music over and over again, we don’t need to buy any tapes or VCDs like in the past. Because since the appearance of Youtube, we can enjoy music so easily. We only need to download and then put it in the HP, PC or laptop playlist. But, it has become understandable, every time there are changes and developments, there must still be periodic evaluations that are useful for all parties.

The flow of music today is often flooded with songs that counter with the world of children. The development of children’s songs and young singers has been getting dimmer since entering the 21st millennium. The music industry has also become more and more oriented to only gain material attention without regard to the future of the nation’s own generation. Some retainer of the recording kitchen also seemed overwhelmed if he wanted to raise the golden age of the song and the little singer. Well, for those of you who want to educate their children with previous songs, below are some songs from the little singer Tasya Kamila and Sherina who can be your first choice:


I wish I had been a song that was popularized by the beautiful Sherina Munaf. Reflecting on the contents and meaning of this song, makes us always remember the sacrifices of our parents. As a small child we must try early to make parents happy both through small things. Now we often forget and double our parents for personal matters.


Who ever watched the movie Sherina Adventure? The Sherina Munaf Adventure Film Sherina Munaf is one of the most famous and successful musical children’s films at the time. And the song Back to School is one of the soundtrack songs in this film. Back to school for some children is not a fun thing, especially after going through a long vacation. But if our children have listened to this powerful song, our children can definitely be even more enthusiastic. Getting back to school is more fun for friends.


Bring the Moon Bu also popularized by Tasya Kamila. Every night, mom is always the number one woman who accompanies our sleep. He tried to guard our beautiful dreams at night, and keep our sleep asleep. Mother, an unsung woman. Mother of a woman with a thousand wings. Mother, a woman with millions of patience. Mother … a human figure that is difficult to describe for his majesty. Oh mother …


The cute Tasya Kamila is a singer who brings and popularizes the song Aku Anak Indonesia. Who claims to be an Indonesian child? Indonesian children must be proud to be part of Indonesia. It is very compulsory if our children are listened to this song to immerse the spirit of patriotism and love for Indonesia. One of my people, one of my people, one of my languages.

That is among some of the children’s songs that we deserve to review because they are full of the meaning contained in them. We deserve and should be proud because we used to have a myriad of singers and children’s songs. Hopefully in the future, we will find many new breakthroughs to improve the morals of our young generation. Bravo my Indonesia! Jayalah Merah Putihku.